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Nicole Fabian-Weber

Seasoned lifestyle and parenting journalist and entertainment writer. Work has appeared on Huffington Post, What to Expect, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Shape, Parents, Livestrong, CafeMom, Bustle, Romper, and many others.



How a Girls' Trip With My Daughter Changed Me

Most mornings my sleepy-eyed daughter shuffles downstairs to an already hectic house.
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7 Carpool Etiquette Rules for Parents

Carpooling is a bit like wealth: It makes life significantly easier, but with it comes great responsibility. Link to Story

From IUDs to the Pill: The Ultimate Guide to Birth Control

Which birth control is right for you?
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Why Time-Outs Are Hurting Your Kid

Got a "time-out" chair in your home? You might want to put it back in the playroom.
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My 4-Year-Old Daughter Helped Me Understand My Mom's Death

After my mother died, I convinced myself she lived on flower petals.
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Hack the Holidays: 7 Expert Gift-Wrapping Tricks

Cut (perfectly-creased) corners this holiday season with these clever gift-wrapping hacks from experts. Just as you're ready to kick back with a glass of eggnog and toast to being done with holiday shopping, you realize, "Oh, right. I still have dozens of gifts to wrap." While gift-wrapping can be a fun way to indulge your creative side, let's be real, it often winds up feeling like just another task to check off your list during a month when errands and projects seem to have no end.
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15 Mind-Blowingly Unique Places to Stay in the US

Finding the perfect place is almost as fun as the trip itself.
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24 Unusually Cool Baby Names Inspired by Food

Apple? Saffron? Olive? Yes, yes, yes.
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10 Things Not to Say to a Mom Pregnant With Her Second Kid

"One is like one. Two is like 20." Gee, sounds fun!
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Spring Break Before You Had Kids Vs. Spring Break Now

To say life is different after you have kids is the understatement of the century.
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26 Gorgeous Bedrooms for Makeover Inspiration

Bedrooms are often the last room people get around to decorating in their homes. After all, they're not usually a high traffic area or one that guests frequent (um, right?). A seriously stylish bedroom is a thing of beauty -- and one that isn't necessarily easy to achieve. After all, you want to hit the trifecta of decorating when you're designing the room you sleep in each night: You want it to be stylish, sophisticated, and most importantly, cozy.
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9 Stores You Never Knew Had Workout Clothing

If you're looking for Cool Girl workout clothing, look no further than H&M. You won't find any in-your-face technicolor leggings here, but you will find hip monotone track suits and super cool sports pants that can double as activewear and Saturday morning coffee-wear. If it's good enough for whimsical wedding guest attire, it should be good enough for workout clothing, right?


Nicole Fabian-Weber

I'm an extremely adaptable writer with a strong grasp of SEO and what makes content shareable. I can turn articles around quickly with little need for an edit. My writing includes expert-driven evergreens, personal essays, GIF listicles, humorous entertainment posts, beauty and style slideshows, and more. I'm passionate about what I do, and in eight years, have never missed a deadline. True story.